Organic Gourmet Sweet Coconut Oils
Sweet Satisfaction

Exciting Sweet Organic Coconut Oils
Wonderfully Sweet Without The Sugar

One taste, and the delight begins! Imagine all the deliciously healthy combinations you’ll discover when you use our Infused Sweet Coconut Oils in place of butter, jam, or sugar (we use Stevia instead!) You can even add a spoonful to your morning coffee, or to your smoothie… These exotic, gourmet-quality sweet spreads bring exceptional flavor and goodness to your favorite foods; from mouth-watering breakfast treats and snacks, to a most luscious mouthful straight from the jar. All of our coconut oils are made with whole plant extracts and are available in delicious flavors: Cinnamon Sweet, Ginger Sweet, and Vanilla Sweet. For savory infused coconut oils that are great for cooking, see our Savory Coconut Oils.

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