Top 5 Benefits of Organic Super Tea

January 20, 2014

After many years of providing extracts in bulk to the food and beverage industries, Primal Essence is introducing a new and innovative way of enjoying beneficial teas derived from organic whole-plant extracts directly to consumers! Just two or three pumps of Primal Essence Super Tea concentrate into hot or cold liquid yields the perfect cup (or glass) of tea, loaded with robust flavor and a full complement of precious phytonutrients and antioxidants. Consumers can now savor vital plant energies bursting with natural flavor while enjoying the top five benefits of Organic Super Tea:
  1. Purity: Primal Essence organic teas are made from the finest of natural ingredients. Our food and beverage customers demand only the best, and consumers deserve no less. We go directly to the source to insure that we use only the highest-grade, organic spices available. These herbs and spices luxuriate in their natural environment until they are ready to be picked. Because we believe the health demands of natural tea drinkers are more important than money-centered business demands, we use only the purest, organic ingredients to formulate our products.
  2. Taste: Whenever possible we use Supercritical Fluid extracts for our line of special teas, which utilizes all-natural carbon dioxide gas to extract the plants’ natural oils and resins. No chemicals or artificial flavorings are added. Our extracts explode with natural flavors and taste sensations.
  3. Health Boost: The Primal Essence process preserves the natural phytochemicals of all the herbs and spices used, including our natural ginger and the soothing properties of our chai tea spices. The natural health qualities of the phytonutrients and antioxidants already found in plant foods are transferred to our medicinal teas to become natural health boosters for the human body.
  4. Potency: Maintaining the original flavor and strength of natural ingredients results in a line of fine teas that is robust and powerful in nature. Just a small amount of our Primal Essence Super Tea concentrate is enough to yield a full cup or glass of aromatic, tasty, soothing medicinal tea.
  5. Nature’s Best: Our Organic Super Teas are made from only the finest nature has to offer. One whiff of Primal Essence Classic Chai or Vanilla Chai will make you think you are surrounded by a room full of chai tea spices. The Lemon Ginger or Ginger Zing will immediately remind you of the soothing qualities of natural ginger. The Peppermint Splash and Turmeric Tulsi, with their vibrant bouquets, invite drinkers to immediately sit back, relax, and feel the stress slowly leaving their bodies.
Try the Primal Essence line of Organic Super Teas and see for yourself the difference these organic Super Teas can make. About Primal Essence: Primal Essence caters to those looking for the freshest and most wholesome ways of eating. Its line of special teas and medicinal teas includes Classic Chai, Vanilla Chai, Lemon Ginger, Ginger Zing, Peppermint Splash, and Turmeric Tulsi. Visit the website and Facebook page or call 805-981-2409 for more information on adding Organic Super Teas to your daily health regimen.

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