Spice Extracts - Questions and Considerations

December 03, 2013

The Primal Essence line of fine teas is manufactured using only the highest grade, Certified Organic herb and spice extracts available. Our reputation for providing products in their most natural form was built by catering to the demanding needs of the food, beverage, and food service industries . We now bring these same outstanding quality extracts to the organic teas we offer to the consumer market, and the wholesale teas industry. On the surface it may seem like we are similar to other natural tea companies because all of our Organic Super Teas start with pure whole ingredients like natural ginger and chai tea spices. What consumers need to take into consideration when thinking about which medicinal tea product to buy, is the convenience, advantage and great benefit they get by using extracts vs dried herbs and spices: The Original Ingredients - Consider the Source: Nature does an incredible job of producing plant forms laden with beneficial properties that are compromised by the use of harmful pesticides. Primal Essence uses only the highest grade, certified organic spices available to develop its unique line of teas. The Extraction Process: The herb and spices have to be extracted to take them from their natural dry form to liquid extracts. This extraction process captures and preserves the natural phytonutrients and antioxidants found in these plant foods. Primal Essence has chosen to utilize a process which relies on all-natural carbon dioxide gas to release the plant’s natural oils and resins, thereby maintaining the original health benefits. Preservation: In order to promote a longer shelf life, many companies add chemicals and preservatives which further weaken the extract’s beneficial properties. Primal Essence does not believe in using any artificial preservatives, flavorings, colors, or chemical additives. Our clean extraction technologies and manufacturing processes result in pure, chemical-free, alcohol-free extracts that capture and preserve the natural full flavor, aroma, and naturally inherent beneficial properties. A Little Can Go a Long Way: A small amount of spice extract will go a long way towards adding a natural aroma and delicious taste, even more than that which might be found in ground dry spices. Most customers find that adding just a few squirts of one of Primal Essence’s organic teas into water or a favorite hot or cold beverage releases a burst of exotic flavors that soothe the senses. Primal Essence uses these powerful spice extracts as the basis for our entire line of Organic Super Teas. Try one and see the difference our peppermint, ginger, turmeric, chai and vanilla spice extracts can make in your tea, juice, coffee and more. About Primal Essence: Primal Essence caters to those looking for the freshest and most wholesome ways of eating. Its line of special teas and medicinal teas includes Classic Chai, Vanilla Chai, Lemon Ginger, Ginger Zing, Peppermint Splash, and Turmeric Tulsi. Visit the website and Facebook page or call 805-981-2409 for more information on spice extracts.

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