Primal Essence Unveils New Web Site

November 10, 2013

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - November 11th, 2013, VENTURA, CA: As part of its drive to make ordering organic teas and Chai tea spices more accessible for natural product and health enthusiasts, Primal Essence is unveiling its newly-redesigned Google Friendly Wordpress website. Since Primal Essence offers fine teas and medicinal teas that help make life more relaxing and stress-free, the company wanted a website that is easy to navigate and non-stressful for visitors. Guests are welcomed with an appealing display of the company’s product line, along with an explanation of the origin of their Organic Super Teas. While some guests may wish to begin shopping online immediately, others have the option of reading about the company’s unique method of extraction. Primal Essence has found a way to render 90% of its oils and healing concentrated properties to create the world’s strongest extracts. Just a few splashes of these water-soluble extracts into a hot or cold beverage captures the exotic flavors of faraway places and delivers the reviving properties of ancient medicinal teas. Other features of the new site include answers to the most commonly asked questions about phytonutrients and the benefits of natural tea, and news about the latest additions to the company’s line of fine teas. The site also makes it easy to sign up to receive coupons, discounts, news updates, and special insights. Benefits of Organic Super Teas include a bold, invigorating flavor that preserves the healthy attributes of whole-plant extracts,which are loaded with phytonutrients and antioxidants. No artificial colors, preservatives, caffeine, sugar, gluten or alcohol have been added. “Our products deliver delicious herbal tea in three seconds, so we know our customers are accustomed to receiving outstanding results quickly from us. We didn’t want our website to be any different,” said company spokesperson, Susan Smyth. “Primal Essence is committed to helping customers have healthier, happier and calmer lives in every way possible.” Primal Essence products are manufactured from high grade, non-irradiated herbs and spices utilizing the safest and most environmentally-friendly extraction technologies available. Carbondioxide gas under high pressureis used during the extraction process, which results in pure, chemical-free, alcohol-free extracts. This method preserves the full flavor of the ingredients in a much more potent form than simple ground herbs and spices. Primal Essence is known for supplying superior quality wholesale teas and liquid herb extracts to the food service industry, including restaurants, hotels, hospitals and other institutions. Clients and customers were so pleased with their richness of flavor that they demanded to have direct access to the company’s products for home use. The redesigned website is the first step in the company’s expansion into the consumer side of the business. About Primal Essence: Primal Essence caters to those looking for the freshest and most wholesome ways of eating. Its line of Organic Super Teas includes Classic Chai, Vanilla Chai, Lemon Ginger, Ginger Zing, Peppermint Splash, and Turmeric Tulsi.  Visit the website and Facebook page or call 805-981-2409 for more information.


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