Primal Essence Brings You Nature’s Essence

October 24, 2013

Primal Essence amazing innovative products offer that rare combination of modern day convenience with old-time flavor.

In today’s world, where there is a growing concern and awareness about GMOs, high fructose corn syrup, irradiation and all of the strange preservatives and chemical additives making their way into our food supply, it’s nice to know there is one company that caters to consumers committed to benefiting from the holistic essence of nature, and who go out of their way to find the freshest and most wholesome foods available. Primal Essence brings you nature’s essence, with several innovative retail lines of products, including a unique line of superior quality liquid herb and spice extracts. For over fifteen years, Primal Essence has been trusted to supply these natural extracts and wholesale teas to the food and beverage industries, and the food service industry, including restaurants, hotels, hospitals and other institutions. Clients and customers have been so pleased with the richness of flavor, inherent antioxidants, and natural phytonutrients contained in Primal Essence extracts, that for your personal pleasure, Primal Essence is now pleased to introduce to you several innovative direct-to-consumer product lines including some very special teas; a line of Organic Super Teas. Just add a few squirts of one of Primal Essence organic teas into water or to your favorite hot or cold beverage, then sit back and prepare to let the exotic flavors overwhelm your senses. One whiff of the natural tea flavors of Lemon Ginger, Peppermint Splash or Turmeric Tulsi and you’ll instantly be transported to your favorite faraway places. Rediscover the reviving properties of medicinal tea with our Ginger Zing and feel instantly uplifted; or experience the uplifting qualities of Classic Chai and Vanilla Chai. You will feel assured to know that these fine teas are manufactured using only the highest grade, non-irradiated organic herbs and spices available. Primal Essence believes there is no need for artificial flavorings and chemical additives when there is an abundance of natural ginger and chai tea spices readily available. Why mask turmeric’s wonderfully mild orange color, or ginger’s natural pungent fragrance? Primal Essence utilizes only the cleanest extraction technologies including natural carbon dioxide gas under high pressure. There are no solvents or anything artificial involved in our process. This careful production process allows the natural oils and resins to be extracted in a very clean, healthy and environmentally friendly manner. These extracts, combined with Primal Essence innovative technology to render these oils and resins water-soluble, results in pure, chemical-free, water-soluble extracts which preserve the full fragrance and flavor of the original botanical, and they are much more potent than simple raw, and ground herbs and spices. Primal Essence extracts retain the plants’ original restorative and phyto-chemical qualities, which have been recognized throughout the ages. Medicinal teas have been shown to help control cholesterol levels, increase free radicals, and also help to maintain a healthier heart as part of an overall improved lifestyle. AboutPE_ At Primal Essence, their primary objective is to market safe, natural, and chemical-free products of consistent outstanding quality that meet or exceed your needs and expectations. When you purchase any of their fine organic teas you’ll enjoy an astounding consistency of robust flavor in one small package. Ready for instant use, simply squirt a few drop of these powerful plant extracts directly into your drinking water (hot or cold) for an instantly delicious beverage. Primal Essence can even be added to juices, teas, and even coffee for added flavor and benefit. Primal Essence line of Organic Super Teas are delicious, convenient and economical but, most of all, they’re designed for everyone to benefit from nature’s healing properties inherent in most botanicals, and for you feel more invigorated each and every day. You’ll love the flexibility of these products, and their ability to add more “zing“ to your daily routine. Try a splash in your morning coffee or mix-and-match flavors with your daily juice. Store a few extra bottles in your desk at work for a quick pick-me-up during the day, or get bold, and experiment to see how natural tea flavors can enhance your ice cream, fruit, or favorite dessert. They taste so great that you won’t know where to stop! Why conform to calorie-laden soft drinks or dull plain water when the healthful bounty of nature can easily be yours? These amazing extracts can help turn your humdrum drink into an oh-boy cup of joy. We invite you to try these amazing products today and find out for yourself how tasty and fun it can be to go back to the primal side of life… For more information about Primal Essence natural herbal extracts visit their web site at or their Facebook page. To contact Primal Essence directly, call 805-981-2409, or email


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